Acupuncture in Cary, NC: Top 3 Indicators of a Great Practice

Acupuncture in Cary, NC

Many individuals seek acupuncture to extend the effects of their chiropractic treatments. Are you looking to find reliable acupuncture in Cary, NC, or the greater triangle area to help improve your body’s overall functionality? Is this your first-time pursuing acupuncture services, and don’t know what you should look for? Here are the top three indicators of a great practice.

Acupuncture in Cary, NC: Top 3 Indicators of a Great Practice

#1. Immaculate Sanitation Protocols

As acupuncture involves inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at each acupuncture point, the sanitation standard has no room for error or laxation. Although a given practice, acupuncture clinics must always use only sterilized solid needles for every session and promptly (and properly) discarded at the close of each session by placing them in a solution of hypochlorite.

Especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic, you must review and verify the practice adheres to the most current CDC guidelines, including:

  • Taking the temperatures of every patient that enters the building
  • Placing sanitation stands
  • Wiping down tables after each patient
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Minimizing touchpoints

If you have any health ailments or allergies, it is best practice to call and see if their cleaning products include any specific ingredients that would trigger an allergic reaction.

#2. Certified and Accredited Professionals

Acupuncture is a delicate and tactful practice that requires precision and accuracy. Because of this, each needle must be placed in the correct spot to improve function, promote natural healing, and reduce pain. Therefore, it is paramount to verify if the practice holds the correct and current certifications, licenses, and accreditations to perform the service properly.

#3. Consistently High Reviews Across Multiple Platforms

Honest and positive reviews are what make a company stand above the rest. If a client offers a post with negative remarks, it speaks volumes when the company replies with a remedy.

Have you explored what others said about acupuncture in Cary, NC? How do they treat new patients? What additional elements and services did patients find valuable? Search on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and even Angie’s List to read the consensus.

When reading reviews, try to begin with the reviews scoring between 3 and 4-stars. These reviews often provide the most transparent feedback, sharing both positives and drawbacks concerning their treatments, customer service, the time of each session, or even staff friendliness. However, don’t shy away from the 5-star reviews either! Explore why the patient gave the practice such high remarks.

Alternatively, resort to the feedback of friends or family members in the area who also see an acupuncture practice. Who do they recommend? Who do they advise to steer clear of? Reliable practices with efficient services commonly grow through a constant stream of referrals.

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If you or someone you know is looking for acupuncture treatment in Raleigh, NC, or the greater Raleigh area, we are here to help! Contact us online today or give us a call at 919-788-8881 to schedule your initial appointment and x-ray. We look forward to helping restore your health.


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