Chiropractor Durham, NC: 5 Signs To Visit Today

chiropractor in Durham, NC

Many of us have a habit of abiding by the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, if you don’t feel any drastic issues in your body, you could unintentionally ignore the subtle onset of long-term issues. Wondering if you should begin looking for a chiropractor? Here are five signs your body might be giving the hint that it’s time to visit a chiropractor in Durham, NC or the greater Raleigh area.

5 Signs To Visit Today!

One thing we say a lot in the office is that feeling fine does not equate to being healthy or in true alignment. While there are many other reasons to visit a chiropractor, we explore the top five ways your body is telling you it’s time for an adjustment.

#1. Neck or Back Pain Lasts More than a Day

There’s a difference of feeling sore from a workout and dealing with neck or back pain while working at your desk 40 hours a week.

If you feel sore, tired, or are frequently experiencing a dull or sharp pain radiating in your neck or back, your body is trying to get your attention. Something might have moved out of alignment.

By visiting a chiropractor in Durham, NC, or a spinal re-engineer in the greater Raleigh area, an x-ray and consultation could reveal where in your body there is a subluxation

#2. You Pinched a Nerve

Whether it happened while sliding into home plate at a baseball game or while falling down the stairs, a pinched nerve is no walk in the park. If you recently pinched a nerve or feel like something slipped out of its socket, we urge you to visit a trustworthy chiropractor that will restore your alignment.

#3. Migraines and Headaches Come More Frequently

While headaches and migraines are two different issues, neither of them is normal despite how common they are. If you are noticing a recurring frequency in headaches or migraines and they are feeling more intense every occurrence, your body might be hinting towards a more long-term issue.

By visiting a chiropractor in Durham, NC or the greater Raleigh area, you could begin your journey to pain-free, long-term relief.

#4. Your Joints Feel Stiff

Stiff joints aren’t just for predicting a rain shower or thunderstorm. Over time, your body could be silently working towards arthritis, a painful and long-term condition that many people suffer from.

If you are feeling more than the off-chance stiff knee, elbow, wrist, or neck, it would be a great precautionary decision to visit a chiropractor.

#5. You Incurred A Sports Injury or Were in an Auto Accident

Whether you are actively involved in a contact sport or not, sports injuries alike require careful examination and treatment to ensure proper healing and alignment. The same goes for auto accidents. Whether you were in a small fender-bender or something more serious, any sudden impact to the body could slowly set the course for long-term issues.

Furthermore, even if the injury happened to one part of your body, like the ankle or forearm, it affects other joints and muscles throughout your entire body. To see how your body conformed to sudden impact, we encourage you to visit a chiropractor who will conduct an initial x-ray and consultation to see the big picture.

Team Chiro: A Trusted Chiropractor in Durham, NC & the Greater Raleigh Triangle Area

Anyone can crack a back, neck, or knuckles. However, only a spinal engineer can truly fix the spinal and joint issues you are facing and generate the greatest long-term relief. At Team Chiropractic, our team of qualified spinal engineers works hard to create a custom treatment plan according to what your body needs for long-term restoration.

With over 25 years of service, we are the leading spinal adjustment practice in the Raleigh area and are uniquely suited to helping relieve your sciatica pain through safe, professional spinal adjustment. Our Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners (CCEP) and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians (CCSP) enable us to correct the overall biomechanics, which enables you to hold your correction.

We believe in the six essentials to healthy living: spiritual/mental alignment, physical alignment, nutritional alignment, exercise in alignment, rest in alignment, and removing chemical stress. By offering both services and products that adhere to the six essentials, we help promote an overall health and wellness treatment for every client who comes through our doors.

If you or someone you know is looking for a chiropractor in Durham, NC, or the greater Raleigh area, we are here to help! Contact us online today or give us a call at 919-788-8881 to schedule your initial appointment and x-ray. We look forward to helping restore your health.


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