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Your body is an amazing entity, made of many interconnected systems, all with specific and unique purpose. One of these, the immune system, is your body’s guardian against sickness and disease. A healthy immune system is designed to fight back against everything from the common cold and flu, to cancer and autoimmune diseases.

 But, did you know that your immune system is directly controlled by another system?

That’s right, your nervous system actually controls not just the immune system, but every other system in your body!

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. In order for your body to perform any function, a signal is sent from the brain, down the cord and out through the nerves to your body.

If your spine becomes misaligned, this puts pressure on your nerves. Even the tiniest bit of pressure on your nervous system disrupts this communication and can wreak havoc anywhere in your body, including your immune system. So in order for your body to have an immune system that is giving you 100% effort in fighting illness and disease, you need nervous system 100% free of pressure.

In a 1992 study, it was found that chiropractic adjustments to the mid back, or thoracic spine, can increase white blood cell count significantly within just 20 minutes of treatment.

White blood cells are the part of your immune system involved in protecting your body against all infectious disease and foreign invaders. The more you have, the better your ability to remain healthy.

In a 1975, Dr. Ronald Perot discovered that spinal cord injuries increase the risk of certain types of cancer. Dr. Perot then went on to study 107 individuals who received regular chiropractic adjustments. His results showed that those individuals had far greater immune system function than individuals who did not receive any adjustments. In fact, the chiropractic patients enjoyed immune function that was 200% that of an average person, and 400% greater than someone with a disease, like cancer. But the key here is regular.

Think about it like this: Do you eat just ONE healthy meal and expect to be healthy? Do you exercise just once? Do you meditate just once? Chiropractic care is preventive care. And for the effects to be truly felt, that care has to be regular.

Research Source: truchiro.org


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