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Spinal Re-Engineering Chiropractic Care

At Team Chiropractic our treatment goes far beyond pain relief for an aching back. Our focus is on correcting the spinal structure to allow the body to function to its full potential.  We do this through the process of spinal re-engineering.  There are 5 steps to this process and when followed closely they can produce amazing results.

Step 1 – Warm up with cervical traction and wobble exercises prior to adjustments.

Step 2 – Adjustments should be done in mirror image position, opposite your posture.

Step 3 – Set your adjustments by doing vibration plate therapy.

Step 4 – Do prescribed home traction and exercises daily to hold your adjustments.

Step 5 – Live the six essentials to prevent further subluxations.

Patients who follow these steps get the best results!

They not only feel better, they are actually structurally better on their post x-rays.

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Desk of the Doctor- Orthotics!


Orthotics can be a vital addition to your Spinal Re-engineering process here at Team Chiropractic.  Our feet are our base of support, and without a stable, level base we cannot build a stable, level structure.  Quite often patients come in with orthotics from a previous provider, be it a podiatrist, another chiropractor or a specialty shoe store.  Some patients report benefit from these orthotics, some do not.  The problem we find with these orthotics is that they do not account for the differences between the two feet, even on the same person!  Most orthotics when taken out of the shoe and compared left to right are exactly the same, even though  most people have subtle but distinct differences between their feet that require different support and correction.  At Team Chiropractic we evaluate both feet and correct the patient’s gait with individual attention to those subtle differences.  Once these corrections are made patients typically report that they hold their adjustments better and we see greater changes on the post x-ray because the patient has a stable base and their corrections hold longer in between visits.  In addition while most Orthotics bought at Specialty shoe stores and Podiatrists can cost up to $500, our Orthotics are only $139!  Ask the Doctor if Custom Orthotics can help you get better results from your care today!

Essential 1

“Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.”

-Diana Robinson

The first essential to optimal health and wellness is the spiritual/mental alignment.  We recommend spending 15 minutes a day in prayer/mediation.  Decreasing physical and emotional stress is essential if you want to get the most out of your spinal re-engineering adjustments.  Research has shown the daily prayer/mediation is an effective way to reduce stress.   With technology today we are constantly “plugged in”, work emails and messages come in at all hours of the day, bad news floods our news feeds and scrolls across our television screens.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to “get away”.  Planning 15 minutes per day of quiet time for prayer/meditation will help you distress, decompress and energize you for the rest of the day.

Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Dodd, Dr. Crilley, Dr. Scharf

Essential 6

“All sickness and disease is caused by deficiencies and toxicities in the body”

The 6th essential to optimal health and wellness is to remove chemical stress. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe, household cleaners, personal care products etc. In order for us to achieve optimal health and to get the greatest benefit from our weekly spinal re-engineering adjustments we must remove these toxins. Of course we want to limit the intake of toxins by eating right and using better products, but it is impossible to avoid 100% of them. That’s why we recommend doing the Maximized Living daily detox or the Standard Process 21 day cleanse twice a year.

Essential 5

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.”  -Ernest Hemingway



Health Essential number 5 is to rest in alignment.  For most patients we recommend sleeping on your back with two pillows under your knees and a contoured pillow under your neck.  This position helps support the normal curves in your spine which will allow your weekly adjustments to be more effective.  You should wake up every morning without the alarm clock feeling refreshed and ready for your day. If you have to hit the snooze button and drag yourself out of bed feeling exhausted you are not getting enough rest which will slow your progress and even cause new subluxations.