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The Home of Spinal Re-Engineering

At Team Chiropractic we are blessed every day to see tremendous improvements in our patient’s. Achieving x-ray correction isn’t easy, if it was, every chiropractor would be taking pre and post x-rays. The reality is that only a small percentage does. We have been doing it for over twenty years. Getting the best results for our patient’s takes dedication from our Doctors to consistently improve our skills and stay up on the latest technology. It takes passion from our staff to encourage and motivate our patient’s every day. Most importantly it takes an effort from our patient’s to make their health a priority. The patient’s who get the best results follow 5 steps of Spinal Re-Engineering:

1. Warm up prior to the adjustment with traction and wobble exercises.
2. Remember to get your adjustments in mirror image position.
3. Do the vibration plate after your adjustments.
4. Do home care exercises and traction.
5. Live the 6 essentials to prevent future subluxations.

Following these steps will lead to improved spinal structure. Improved spinal structure leads to improved nervous system function. Improved nervous system function leads to improved health and better performance!

Dr. Schwartz

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