Great Results with Spinal Re-engineering – Team Chiropractic

We talked last month about the 5 steps of the spinal re-engineering process.  Remember that most chiropractors don’t take post x-rays to show patients the results of their care.  At Team Chiropractic we strive to practice with integrity and truth, which means we take both pre and post x-rays to show our patients improvement. Just this month I reviewed a couple of great post x-rays and I want to share them with you.


The first is a female came to Team Chiropractic with severe lower back pain, constant headaches as well as digestive issues.  On her initial x-ray she had a severely reversed neck curve along with 22mm of forward head posture.  At her re-exam she was not only feeling better but her forward head posture was reduced to 2mm and her neck curve was much improved.


The second x-rays belong to a man who had severe lower back pain.  It is clear to see his structural improvement on the second x-ray.  Getting this x-ray improvement is critical to achieving long term results, keeping patients out of pain and allowing the body to live up to its health potential.


Dr. Schwartz

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