Online Appointment Scheduling

New Patients

Online appointment scheduling is not available for new patients. New patients should call the office (Raleigh: 919-788-8881, Wakefield: 919-570-6160) to schedule your new patient appointment or visit the New Patients page on the website.

Established Patients

Team Chiro App

Team Chiropractic is pleased to announce that established patients can now request “Regular Adjustment” appointments or find useful information about your Chiropractic care via a mobile application for your Apple IOS or Google Android device. You can download the “MyChiroTown” application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play or by visiting this link.

When you start the application, you will need to enter this ID, TC0002. Once the ID is entered in, you will be prompted to enter your individual information into the application. Follow the prompts to create an account with password. The app will give you a message that you are ready to use the program. We will have to enroll and link your account with the phone app before you can schedule an adjustment via the app. Please give the office 24 hours for this process. You will only be able to request a regular adjustment. No special or new patient appointments can be scheduled through our mobile app. Please contact our office to complete the app registration process. If you have any questions on the application or general questions about your Chiropractic care, please contact us by emailing the Raleigh Office or emailing the Wakefield Office.

Request an Appointment

  1. Click on appointments
  2. Select a purpose (Adjustment in Raleigh or Wakefield) you will only be able to request a regular adjustment. No special appointments can be scheduled through our mobile or online app.
  3. Select Doctor: Team Chiropractic for Raleigh office and Team Chiropractic for Wakefield
  4. Select Desired Date
  5. Select Desired Time
  6. Enter Notes: If you are changing an appointment that is already scheduled with our office, please let us know in this section if you would like to reschedule. If there is no note, we will add the appointment but will not know if you want to replace any other appointments.

NOTICE: This does not guarantee that you will have an appointment. We can accept the request, change the time that works for us, or deny the appointment. You will receive confirmation that your appointment was accepted, denied, or changed. There may be situations where the adjusting slots are full which may result in a denied appointment. If this happens, please call the office for more options.

Raleigh Office

309 West Millbrook Road
Suite 199
Raleigh, NC 27609


Monday: 7:30AM–12PM & 3:15–6PM
Tuesday: 7:30AM–12PM & 3:15–6PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM–12PM
Thursday: 7:30AM–12PM & 3:15–6PM
Friday: 7:30AM–12PM
Saturday: 9–10:00AM
Sunday: Closed

Wakefield Office

12740 Spruce Tree Way
Suite 103
Raleigh, NC 27614


Monday: 7:30AM–12PM & 3:30–5:45PM
Tuesday: 7:30AM–12PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM–12PM & 3:30–5:45PM
Thursday: 3:30–5:45PM
Friday: 7:30AM–12PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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