Desk of the Doctor- Orthotics!


Orthotics can be a vital addition to your Spinal Re-engineering process here at Team Chiropractic.  Our feet are our base of support, and without a stable, level base we cannot build a stable, level structure.  Quite often patients come in with orthotics from a previous provider, be it a podiatrist, another chiropractor or a specialty shoe store.  Some patients report benefit from these orthotics, some do not.  The problem we find with these orthotics is that they do not account for the differences between the two feet, even on the same person!  Most orthotics when taken out of the shoe and compared left to right are exactly the same, even though  most people have subtle but distinct differences between their feet that require different support and correction.  At Team Chiropractic we evaluate both feet and correct the patient’s gait with individual attention to those subtle differences.  Once these corrections are made patients typically report that they hold their adjustments better and we see greater changes on the post x-ray because the patient has a stable base and their corrections hold longer in between visits.  In addition while most Orthotics bought at Specialty shoe stores and Podiatrists can cost up to $500, our Orthotics are only $139!  Ask the Doctor if Custom Orthotics can help you get better results from your care today!

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