What are Orthotics?Orthotics Raleigh, NC

Orthotics are custom shoe inserts that offer more complete support for your feet than most shoes provide on their own.

Why are Orthotics Beneficial?

Your feet are your base of support.  If you are unstable on your base, your adjustments will not hold as well and you will not get as great of a benefit from your care.

Why Should I get Orthotics here rather than from a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist will cast your foot and make Orthotics based on the cast, supporting your foot in the position and alignment that it is already in.  Podiatrists typically charge $500 or more for a set of these Orthotics.  Here at Team Chiropractic we adjust the foot first to make sure that it is aligned and functioning properly.  Then we make an Orthotic that will support your foot in its properly aligned state.  Our Orthotics range in price from $125 to $250, depending on the type of shoe and what is best for your particular foot.

How do I set up a Raleigh Orthotic evaluation?

Stop at the front desk or call the Raleigh office to set up an appointment for an evaluation. Tell the front desk the type and size of shoe you will be getting the Orthotics for such as, dress shoe, high heel or athletic shoe.  Bring the 2 pairs of shoes you wear most often with you to your appointment. 

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