Spinal Re-Engineering Chiropractic Care

At Team Chiropractic our treatment goes far beyond pain relief for an aching back. Our focus is on correcting the spinal structure to allow the body to function to its full potential.  We do this through the process of spinal re-engineering.  There are 5 steps to this process and when followed closely they can produce amazing results.

Step 1 – Warm up with cervical traction and wobble exercises prior to adjustments.

Step 2 – Adjustments should be done in mirror image position, opposite your posture.

Step 3 – Set your adjustments by doing vibration plate therapy.

Step 4 – Do prescribed home traction and exercises daily to hold your adjustments.

Step 5 – Live the six essentials to prevent further subluxations.

Patients who follow these steps get the best results!

They not only feel better, they are actually structurally better on their post x-rays.

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