Benefits of Chiropractic Care


There are many benefits, both immediate and long-term. Chiropractic care is natural, usually painless, and requires no drugs, surgery, or needles.

One of the best benefits of spinal re-engineering chiropractic care is that it corrects the underlying cause of many illnesses, rather than merely treating the symptoms. It improves posture, restores proper movement & mobility, improves spinal structure and in some cases completely stops or reverses spinal degeneration.

As a result of chiropractic care, many of our patients report better sleep, more energy, and faster recovery times. Other excellent benefits of spinal re-engineering chiropractic care include improved immunity, improved flexibility, fast pain relief, more efficient body function, stress relief, and improved circulation & digestive functions. Spinal re-engineering chiropractic care has also been shown to help slow the aging process — this is due to the increased delivery of oxygen to all parts of the body, along with removal of lactic acid.

Chiropractic Care & Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is the biggest key to your body’s health and well-being. Spinal re-engineering chiropractic care corrects misalignments (subluxations) in your spinal system, helping to optimize and restore proper nervous system function. Your brain and spine control and coordinate the function of all the tissues, organs and systems in your body. A healthy nervous system is the first component to health, and it’s crucial to your body’s well-being.

The Six Essentials to Optimal Health

  • Spiritual /Mental Alignment
  • Physical Alignment
  • Nutritional Alignment
  • Exercise in Alignment
  • Rest in Alignment
  • Remove Chemical Stress

Without each of these six components, your health is likely to suffer and you’ll be more susceptible to disease and injury. To remain healthy, it’s important to have a fully functioning nervous system (optimized through chiropractic care), proper nutrition, exercise, prayer and/or meditation, sufficient rest, and periodic detoxification.

Live Healthy with Raleigh Chiropractic Care

Team Chiropractic is dedicated to improving your health and performance by alleviating joint dysfunction and nerve stress caused by spinal misalignment (subluxations). We host weekly health care workshops which are open to the public and are designed to help people learn how to naturally improve their level of health. Our Raleigh chiropractors also speak at schools, church groups, and other organizations on health-related topics.

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