6 Essentials to Optimal Health & Wellness

All sickness and disease is caused by Deficiencies and Toxicities in the body.  Listed below are the imbalances that can lead to sickness.

Deficiencies Toxicities
Decreased nerve flow Medications/Diet
Lack of prayer/meditation Negative thought
Lack of essential nutrients Environmental toxins
Lack of sleep
Lack of exercise


In correlation with these toxicities and deficiencies are the 6 Essentials to Wellness.  It is important to address all of the above issues so that your body can function optimally and avoid sickness and disease.

  1. Spiritual/ Mental Alignment – Start your day with15 minutes of daily prayer/meditation, which has been proven to reduce stress.
  2. Physical Alignment– get weekly re-engineering adjustments until x-rays are corrected and practice good posture habits with superman flying and tractioning.
  3. Nutritional Alignment– eat 75% “on the vine” foods and eliminate processed and artificial foods.
  4. Exercise in Alignment– 6 days a week for 30 minutes with 4 aerobic and 2 anaerobic workouts.
  5. Rest in Alignment– sleep on your back with 2 pillows under your knees and a contoured pillow under your neck. Wake up without an alarm clock.
  6. Remove Chemical Stress– Detox. Do the Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse twice a year. Drink eight – 8oz glasses of water a day.


Your Personal Wellness Score

The Wellness Score is a number used to quantify your personal level of health.  It is a numeric tally of various wellness and stress factors that could be impacting your quality of life. We believe a person’s wellness score should be at least +4  to maximize x-ray correction and graduate to a maintenance level of care.  Following is a description of the wellness and stress factors contributing to your total score:

Wellness Factors

God/Nervous System: God has given your body the natural ability to reach its ultimate level of health. This is ultimately controlled by the nervous system, which God uses to regulate and coordinate all functions of your body.  By getting rhythmic adjustments, engaging in prescribed corrective exercises 3xs a week, and using your traction device daily, you receive 2 points towards your wellness score.

Nutrition: You need the proper fuel (God-made foods) to allow your body to run optimally.  If you are eating 75% non-processed foods “from the vine” at least 6 days a week, you receive a point towards your wellness score.

Exercise: You need to exercise to maintain a healthy metabolism and bone density.  If you are exercising 30 min a day, 6 days a week incorporating aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility exercises you can add a point towards your wellness score.

Rest: We need proper rest to allow our bodies to recharge and repair. If you wake up naturally without an alarm clock you receive a point towards your wellness score.

Prayer: University studies show a minimum of 15 minutes per day of prayer, meditation, and Bible study reduce stress and make us healthier and happy.  If you pray/meditate or read your bible at least 15 minutes a day you can add a point to your total score.

Stress Factors

Physical Stress is the result of accidents, poor posture, inadequate sleeping position, and birth trauma or childhood injuries.  If you experience this kind of physical stress, subtract a point from your wellness score.

Mental/Emotional Stress comes from work, family, traffic, and money.  If you are constantly dealing with emotional/mental stress, subtract one point from your score.

Chemical Stress comes from medications, poor diet, and processed and refined foods.  If you consume these chemicals on a daily basis please subtract a point from your total score.

The sum of your wellness factor points minus your stress factor points is your personal wellness score.  The goal is to have a +4 or greater!  If you have not met this goal, please take time to examine what areas you might need to rework in order to achieve a healthy life balance.

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