Power Plate Vibration Therapy

Power Plate Vibration Therapy Raleigh, NC

Power Plate Vibration Therapy is used to make the spinal re-engineering process go faster.  When you stand on the vibration plate your postural muscles have to make multiple rapid adjustments- as many as 50 times per second to adapt to the movement and maintain balance. This makes postural exercises much more effective than if they were done alone.


Benefits of Vibration Therapy:

Faster x-ray correction

Improved Posture

Decreased pain and inflammation

Improved range of motion

Enhanced proprioception

Allows adjustments to hold longer

Improved spinal function


Instructions for use (in office only)

Vibration Plate therapy should be performed after the Adjustment.

Remove high heeled shoes.

Wrap face paper around front of headpiece.

Place headwear on head with weights in the front.

Step on vibration plate with feet shoulder width apart.

While holding the handlebar with one hand set timer just beyond the “turn past” mark.

Hold handlebar with both hands and stand in mirror image posture position.