Wobble Cushion Warm Up

Do not attempt these without direction from your doctor.

At Home, perform each exercise at a brisk pace, and do 20 repetitions of each.

On each visit, do the exercise in the seat while you are waiting for your adjustment


Exercise one:  Side bends

  1. Bend to the right, while moving your hips to the left.
  2. Bend back to the left while moving your hips to the right.

Exercise one: Side bendsExercise one: Side bends 

 Exercise two: Seated Cat/Camel

  1. Arch your back, bring your arms forward, tuck your chin.
  2. Reverse that position, bring your elbows backward, and tilt your head back.

 Exercise two: Seated Cat/Camel  Exercise two: Seated Cat/Camel 

Exercise three: Trunk rotations

  1. With your arms folded, swing your body to the right, keeping your head in line with your shoulders.
  2. While maintaining this position, swing back to the left.
Exercise three: Trunk rotations

Exercise three: Trunk rotations

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