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How to Relieve Back Pain from Anxiety

Anxiety-caused or worsened back pain affects countless Americans. The stressors of everyday life can catch up to you eventually, and when they do, you may feel them in the form of aches, pains, and muscle soreness throughout your body. This is especially true for those of us living busy and demanding lives, like many Triangle… Read More

Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief at Night

If you’ve been living with the pain and stiffness of a frozen shoulder, you’re not alone. The National Library of Medicine records show that two to five percent of the general population deal with a frozen shoulder, and you may be slightly more likely to experience the issue as an individual over the age of… Read More

8 Posture Tips For Sitting At a Desk All Day

According to recent clinical trials, office workers spend an average of 73 percent of their working day and 66 percent of their waking day sitting. That’s a lot of time to spend at your desk! In the Triangle, office jobs abound—something that is great for the State’s economy, but not always the best for North… Read More

Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were 276,026 traffic crashes reported and 114,722 related injuries reported in North Carolina in 2021. Over 68,000 of those crashes took place in Raleigh, North Carolina—the most crash-prone city, second only to Charlotte. Based on NCDOT data, a North Carolinian is less than 50% likely to… Read More

Ice vs Heat Therapy for Injury Recovery: Which is Better?

Ice and heat therapy are both effective and inexpensive tools that everyone can use to help relieve aches and soreness from minor injuries. In this article, the experts at Team Chiropractic will provide our readers with an informed understanding of when to use ice versus heat therapy so that they can make informed decisions about… Read More

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain Many of us suffer with chronic shoulder aches and pain, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. There is evidence that exposure to workplace strains and maintaining an incorrect posture can increase your risk of pain in your shoulder joint and its surrounding muscles, which can be further aggravated by life’s… Read More

Chiropractic Tips for Productivity Working from Home

Post-pandemic, more Americans than ever are working from home. As reported by WRAL in 2021, a WalletHub study ranked North Carolina number 2 in the list of best U.S. States for working remotely. Remote or hybrid arrangements have been a blessing for many workers, but, of course, there’s a catch. The New York Times recently… Read More

Crick in the Neck? How To Relieve It

Have you been suffering from a persistent crick in your neck? If so, you’re not alone—it’s one of the most common complaints chiropractors receive from new patients. Read on to learn more about what could be causing the discomfort, how to get immediate relief, and how Team Chiro can help prevent the pain from coming… Read More

Neck Cracking: Risks and Benefits

Neck cracking is a very common habit, especially among hard working Americans. After (or during) a long day, cracking your neck can feel great and relieve some of the pressure that’s built up in your upper body as a result of the day’s stresses. The experts at Team Chiro want you to know, however, that… Read More

Can a Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Especially in the Triangle, North Carolinians lead stressful lives. But stress might not be the only thing causing your back pain. An old or unsupportive mattress might also be at fault. Across the state, folks are wondering, “Can a mattress cause back pain?” In short, the answer is yes, unfortunately, they can, and often do…. Read More


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