We love hearing from our patients about how much we’ve helped them. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received!

“I met Kelli at an F45 boot camp health screening and decided to just do the consultation. I had no symptoms other than what I thought were normal aches and pains, but I never realized the importance of spinal health and knew it was something I could at least try. I remember seeing my initial x-rays and crying. I was having shoulder and knee pain and now that is all gone. I am thrilled with how my x-rays have improved! I have not been to a regular doctor other than for my annual physical since I started seeing Dr. Mohar. I recommend Team Chiropractic to everyone I know. It’s so important to realize spinal health is the most important thing you can do for lifelong health!” – Dawn S

“Before I stared going to Team Chiropractic I suffered from chronic back pain and I frequently got sick especially during the winter season. I have always been a very physically active person throughout my life, playing youth sports, competing in cross-country running and track, weight-lifting, aerobics, and volleyball. Over time, I began to suffer from chronic back pain. It got so bad that I could no longer exercise as often as I wanted to and I could no longer play sports or run as much as I used to because the pain became too much to bear. That’s when I decided to schedule an appointment with Team Chiropractic. They first gave me an initial X-Ray of my back and showed me the severe subluxation in my disc and explained to me that my disc subluxation was causing my chronic back pain. They then explained to me how the disc can be regenerated through chiropractic care and how my forward-head posture can be improved as well.

I decided to join Team Chiropractic and for the past two and half years, I’ve been consistently seeing them for adjustments while doing my chiropractic exercises at home every day. The results have been exceptional. Team Chiropractic has not only regenerated my lower back disc a significant amount, they have also leveled my hips, and greatly improved my forward-head posture as well. As a result, I have significantly less pain in my lower back, a lot more physical endurance, and can exercise more frequently throughout the week. I also rarely ever get sick any more, and I no longer have to buy over-the-counter medications like I did before, saving me a ton of money.” – Nicholas R

“Being a retired competitive gymnast, high school gymnastics coach, football official, boys basketball and girls softball umpire, I had aggravated my lower back to the point where I could not walk the length of a basketball court without having severe lower back pain and having to take a break…In the four months that I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments I can walk without pain again. My wife (of 50 years) and I can go hiking in the mountains again. We can play golf again, go biking, do yard work and actively play with our grand kids…My idea of chiropractic has completely changes. I am now a believer.” – William V

“I’ve been going to the Millbrook location for over a year and a half now and could not recommend this team highly enough. I initially went in because of whiplash from a car accident and not only did they take care of that, but they took care of my chronic migraines, sinus infections, and have improved my overall health significantly. Every person who works here truly cares about each patient. I love that they are focused on the entire body being healthy. They have workshops and resources available on everything from proper exercise, eating, and sleeping. They also periodically take x-rays so that you can actually SEE your improvement.” – Bea W (Yelp):

“I’ve had back issues for as long as I can remember but never gave it attention or priority until seriously injuring myself while packing to move cross country. I was in the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life (worse than child birth!) with back spasms and nerve pain that could literally bring me to me knees when it was set off. We drove cross country from CA and by the time we got to TX, chiro was my only option for relief. As soon as we got to NC I searched for a Groupon and found Team Chiropractic. I have been going faithfully ever since for almost 2 yrs and I have no more pain, they have addressed the other issues as well, I can tell a HUGE difference. I don’t have any other chiro experiences to compare it to, but I enjoy the ability to go Sat mornings and not have to take work off. Although they have the running line and multiple open tables as others have mentioned, I have never felt rushed – they have always been attentive and answered all my questions and made sure I was happy and adjusted. Thank you!” – Stephanie H (Yelp)

“Team Chiro is a wonderful place to get treated in Eastern NC. They are knowledgeable, personable and professional. My entire family goes. My wife and I go once a week and my two children (3 and 6) get adjusted once a month. I have been getting adjusted since 2011 and regularly since April 2014. We moved to the Rocky Mount area in October of 2014. I have been to chiropractors in SC, WV, FL and in N.C. and Team Chiro is one of the best I have seen. I have not had a sinus infection since February of 2015. I would strongly recommend chiropractic care for anyone at any age and Team Chiro is the best place to start.” – Justin C (Google)

“I thank GOD for bringing me here. My wife could hardly walk. She was in tears because of the excruciating lower back pain. In just one visit, the outcome was night and day. She was able to walk on her own and get a good night’s sleep.
Doctors and staff is amazing and will go the extra mile. I strongly recommend.” – Omar O (Google):

“Would recommend to everyone! I started chiropractic care due to chronic pain, and gave It a shot due to one of Elite team chiropractics amazing deals. It was a while back, but it was a checkup, adjustment, and x-ray for about 30 dollars. When I first started I was very skeptical of chiropractors but gave it a shot, and their team met and exceeded expectations. I have had an ACDF neck fusion surgery of the c3, c4, and c5 but that hasn’t been any issue for the team of chiropractors there. They have helped me increase mobility and reduce the pain in my neck. In the past my pain had been so bad, and I was on so many medications, that there were days I couldn’t do anything, but now I’m off all my medicine and slowly taking my life back. I’m sleeping better, feeling better, and noticing definite improvements in my back and neck. The staff and environment there is incredibly nice and friendly. They take the time to learn who you are and to care about you as someone they can help, and not just another patient.” – Roman B (Google):

“Considered Chiropractic care as preventive care. Never dreamed it would fix a severe incontinence issue. Six adjustments and the problem is essentially history!”  -Larry M.

Herniated Disk
“Dr. Dodd and Dr. Schwartz are true professionals who care about seeing their patients make progress. Their empathy and genuine desire to take a multi-faceted approach to wellness is something that I feel makes them unique.

I came to them in the most agonizing pain of my life after a four year college football career and 14 years of either sitting behind a desk or riding in my car for work. A MRI revealed disk herniation pinching the nerve in my L5/S1 joint. Every single morning began in a kind of physical pain that I cannot compare to anything else I’ve experienced. Putting on socks required me to grit my teeth and would cause me to break out in a sweat from the pain. Life had hit a very dark point, to be frank.

It has been a long road to recovery since I came to Team Chiropractic back in March. Several times I wanted to simply walk away to a surgeon and bite the bullet with an operation but they would press me to stay the course and remain optimistic. At times, we even adjusted the approach to determine what would make the biggest impact with my, specific, situation. Admittedly, I may not have been their model patient.

I wrote my renewal check today for my next 52 visits and they could’ve charged me whatever they wanted. You cannot put a price on the ability to hold your baby boy, swing a golf club, or simply sit in your car without pain. Their compassion and impact has brought my life back to a wonderful state and I’m very grateful to them.

On top of that, their staff are extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgable. Thank you, Team Chiropractic. You have certainly made a difference in my life.”  – Will S.

“I have been using this group for more than 5 years. Having a misaligned spine can cause a number of health issues. This group’s engineering approach to chiropractic adjustments has been wonderful. Sinus issues, high blood pressure and even high cholesterol medical problems are all in my past. For the past 2 years I’ve been on a once a month maintenance schedule to maintain my spinal alignment and awesome health. I LOVE these GUYS!” – Jim S.

Chronic Migraines
“I have been a patient of Dr. Dodd for years and see him on a regular basis. He and his staff are absolutely wonderful and are always attentive to my needs. Our entire family received chiropractic care and is better because of the team at Team Chiropractic Sports Medicine. In fact Dr. Dodd was able to cure my wife’s chronic migraines and get her off daily preventative medicine for her migraines.” – Jason M.

Regular Care
“For 2 years now I have been going regularly without fail……I enjoy going and love the staff. Not only are they always cheerful but also extremely helpful. They are a well oiled machine and I will never stop going to them. The idea of looking at another chiro place almost feels like cheating on my wife……really! They do not over promise results but do offer optimism in tough circumstances for sure.”  – Anthony D.

Severe Weekly Migraines
“I met Dr. Tran in September of 2013. Prior to our first meeting, I had been in the ER the day before with a major Migraine. I thought I may be having a brain aneurysm. It was the worst migraine I’d ever had in my life. They gave me morphine, which didn’t even touch it. They also tried other strong pain meds through IV. Those didn’t cut it either. I was then released and was told to follow up with my primary physician. I thought to myself, “If they couldn’t help me in the ER, what good is it going to do to see my primary physician?” I’ve had a history of migraine headaches since childhood. I was always able to just take some Advil rest for a while. A few hours later they’d be gone. More recently,in the last two years I was getting migraines on a weekly basis. About a month before meeting Dr. Tran, the migraines were out of control. They were lasting up to three days at a time. This was disrupting my life, work and family. I’m a personal trainer and was having to cancel my clients regularly. I know the importance of good nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction. I had cut out all of my food allergies which I know can be a big migraine trigger. I was meditating and doing other things for stress reduction. I felt frustrated and upset because I was doing everything in my control to keep these migraines from happening. Nothing was working. I knew regular medicine wasn’t the route for me because my body wasn’t responding to migraine medication or any other form of medication. I wanted to get to the root cause and not just “band aid” or mask the symptoms. I knew I needed to seek natural healing and medicine.

When I met Dr. Tran, she did the initial exam and was very thorough in her explanation of her findings. This made it easy to understand the plan of treatment and road to better health and wellness. She explained with how long things had been going on that it may be a longer path to wellness and not just a quick fix. She explained that my hormones, gut functioning, and even my emotions/ thoughts were all contributing to the migraines. When one area is thrown off it was affecting others. For instance the hormones were contributing to the liver and other issues.

Point being, I felt very confident with Dr. Tran’s recommendations and treatments. She does normal adjustments but also does things to help your body clear certain patterns. Dr. Tran’s treatments and services are unique for your body’s needs. Over time, with regular adjustments, appointments and herbal supplements I’ve seen huge improvements. I’m no longer getting the migraines that were lasting for days, my digestion and gut are functioning much better. I have more energy and a more positive and healthy outlook on the future with my health. I’m much happier and am enjoying life now. Dr. Tran has truly been my angel through all of this. She listens and hears you clearly. I still see her on a regular basis. I wish I would’ve found her years ago.” – Rachel

General Health and Wellness 
“I initially reached out to Team Chiropractic because I was dealing with a persistent headache lasting for about two months. Not only did the headache go away completely, but I discovered an invaluable world of knowledge as a patient at Team Chiropractic. The Doctors and the staff are second to none when it comes to kindness and a sincere concern for the well-being of their patients. Under the care and instruction of the TEAM at Team Chiropractic, my general health has improved so I feel better than I have felt in many years. Every chance I get, I recommend this office to those I love and to those who want a better quality of life. It can change your life!” – Deborah S.

Chronic Back Pain and Anxiety
“I have struggled with chronic back pain for years. Chiropractic care has always been essential for my healing. I am an active bodybuilder I put a lot of added stress on my body along with just daily stresses so taking care of my body is even more critical. I have gone to different chiropractors and no one has been able to help relieve my pain like Dr. Tran. She doesn’t just adjust you and send you on your way. She takes the time to evaluate what your body needs. She gives a holistic approach to her chiropractic services. Since I have been seeing Dr. Tran my body is healing and I am able to slowly start enjoying the activities I am passionate about. Dr. Tran has also helped me to manage my anxiety and depression through nutrition and supplements. Before I was on multiple medications, that did not put a dent into the anxiety and depression I was feeling. I highly recommend Life Balance Chiropractic and Wellness for all your chiropractic needs.”  – Julie

Immune Health
“I have been a patient of Dr Dodd for more than 10 years. I first started because of migraines but continued because I feel so much better. My children are also patients which I know helps keep them healthy because their immune system is stronger. The staff are a pleasure to see and work with no matter what you need.”  – Barbara S.

General Health and Wellness
“Team Chiropractic is one of a kind and wonderful in care and the staff is friendly. I have been to other Chiropractors but never one like Team Chiropractic. They also work with your budget seeing as their main priority is keeping you healthy.”  – Leah M.

Severe Neck Pain
“Years ago I went to see a chiropractor and was told that I would need to spend over 21K on my neck. I never went back to another chiropractor for years until I came across Team Chiropractic on a Groupon. I was in severe pain and I knew I needed help. After several regular doctors visits and no luck I decided to give Dr. Dodd a chance. I didn’t think it was possible to fix my neck, considering I was in a deadly car wreck over 20 years ago and my neck/back were deteriorating over time. Dr. Dodd and Team Chiropractic were very thorough with their examination. I knew I had to be patient with them and go through the tests first even though what I really wanted was a quick fix. I’m so glad I listened to them. It’s been over a year and not only have I been pain free but I’ve recovered from something that was impossible to heal. I was such a skeptic (by nature) but I’m a believer and proof that if (only IF) you find the right chiropractor, it’s possible to fix your spine.”  – MJ

Routine Alignment
“I’m on my feet all day because of work and I choose to come in once a week now, even though they have told me I could switch to once a month. I love these people and they’re always pleasant to see. The entire staff is like a large family. They’re so friendly and cheerful, half my issues melt away when I walk in the office. Dr. Dodd is an amazing person, anyone can figure that out after spending 5 minutes talking to him. They genuinely care about people’s well being and that’s enough to heal anyone.”

Sport Medicine
“I’ve sent some of my clients to him that seemed impossible cases and they too have had amazing results. When you see former athletes and doctors walk in an office, you know this place is legit. But my own healing is enough testimony for me. I now believe, just like a healthy diet and exercise, everyone should be on some sort of a chiropractic plan. I mean we have to get outta bed everyday after all, an alignment can’t hurt, rather only do good.”

Health and Wellness for Entire Family
“I have been going to Team Chiropractic for over 10 years now. I am very impressed with Dr. Tran and her associates. My entire family receives chiropractic adjustments there. Their hours are accommodating for working and non-working patients. If looking for chiropractic care I would highly recommend giving Dr. Tran a try.”  – Rich G.

Posture Correction
“I’ve been a patient here for at least four years. I didn’t have any particular issues, but assumed after years of running and other sporting activities that my spinal alignment was distorted. After the introduction of spinal re-engineering I was convinced that they could help me. During this time my posture has corrected and I have more movement of my neck.

The one thing that I didn’t count on was the excellent information I’ve received on nutrition. I’ve always been in decent shape, but with the exercise and diet protocols I’ve lost at least 30 pounds over the last year or so. I’m 61 years old weighing 220ish and I’m saying 60 is the new 40. My last challenge is to get some improvement with essential hypertension.

In addition to the results the facilities are great and the doctors and staff are friendly and care about your well being.”  – Steven S.

Severe Migraines
“I have experienced severe migraines that have kept me on bed rest and sometimes even included trips to the hospital. I was skeptical of chiropractors before coming to Team, but I have now been a patient of Dr. Dodd for over a year. My headaches have significantly decreased, and I can’t remember the last time I went to the hospital! This past year has not been a waste of time but a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone.”  – Glenda

Sleep Apnea
“I have sleep apnea and have used a CPAP machine for years, but I have been experiencing insomnia–like nights when I did not sleep at all. I have been going to Dr. Dodd for neck and back pain for some time, and I jokingly asked him to please turn my sleep button back on because I was sure it was off. He showed me which nerve in the neck controls sleep, and he proceeded to adjust my neck. To my surprise, I enjoyed a very restful night and have been sleeping much better ever since. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, give Team Chiropractic a try. A simple adjustment may be all you need.”  – Mary H.

Progressive Neck and Shoulder Pain
“Team chiropractic’s doctors are spinal Re-engineers. They gradually got my body back into efficient alignment through chiropractic adjustments, nutrition consultations, educational workshops, and an exercise regime. After having progressive neck and shoulder issues for several years, I was in constant pain which affected my job performance. A friend highly recommended Team Chiropractic because the excellent treatment her whole family had received so I gave them a try. I’m glad I did because now my neck is almost pain free, range of motion has been restored to my neck and shoulders, and headaches are very rare. I was so impressed that I had them treat my daughter for allergies with amazing results. Chiropractic adjustments and diet have almost cured her symptoms. Thanks Doctor Dodd!”  – Subal D.

Health and Wellness
“I can’t recommend Team Chiropractic highly enough. Not only have the doctors helped me find relief for frequent headaches that left me unable to function for hours at a time, but they have also helped me see how healthcare can be centered around wellness rather than simply putting out each little fire of illness that seems to pop up from time to time. On top of all that, they do so in a professional, yet family friendly, setting.”  – Daniel M.

Neck and Foot Pain
“I was having a lot of issues with my left foot and was considering a foot doctor to determine the problem and a friend from work suggested going to Team Chiropractic. I had my doubts but decided it could not be any worse than what I was going through. After the x-rays and meeting with Dr. Dodd, the adjustments started. After my first round of appointments and another x-ray to see where I was in my health care, we found a significant increase in the improvement of my neck. My foot problems are almost gone with the exception of standing on concrete for extended periods of time. Thanks to Team Chiropractic, I believe more in this type of care.”  – Robin A.

Debilitating Back Pain
“Because of high school football injuries, a pretty nasty car accident and a back injury suffered on the job, I was in pretty bad shape before I started seeing Dr. Dodd. I was suffering from cluster headaches (since childhood) and migraines for years, middle back pain that would literally take my breath away and lower back pain that kept me away from my passion of golf.

I started visiting Dr. Dodd at Team Chiropractic 10 years ago because I heard he offered the best care in the business and I needed to get rid of the debilitating pain. Migraine headaches would put me in bed all day. When a cluster headache hit, I would sometimes stop what I was doing and drop to my knees until the pain passed. I would be sitting on the floor playing with the kids and my middle back would go out. I couldn’t breathe; the pain would go all the way around to my diaphragm. Donna would have to be my pretend chiropractor so I could breathe again. Playing golf was out of the question because my hips wouldn’t twist. Work and play was becoming more difficult by the day.

In the beginning, the progress was slow but the team at Team Chiropractic kept working with me, kept me on track and in just a few months I was feeling tremendously better. I don’t remember exactly how long it took but at some point I suddenly noticed I wasn’t having migraines or cluster headaches anymore. My middle back became stronger and I stopped losing my ability to breathe as often. Though it’s not nearly as important, I could play golf again.

My care eventually started covering my other issues not related to my spine. Dr. Dodd has been able to help me with pain in my hand, wrist, and knee, turf toe from arthritis, my shoulder from over exertion and even my sinuses. I am so much better now I only go to the office once a week for maintenance. I would advise anyone to visit the good people at Team Chiropractic for your back pain as well as many of your other health issues. It’s made my life so much better; It will make your better too.”  – Gene G.

Multiple Sclerosis, Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, and Celiac Disease
“The thing that brought me to team Chiropractic was that I had a headache. I had gone to an urgent care doctor and he said that this headache I had, which at that point had lasted over a month was a migraine. He prescribed some migraine medication and sent me on my way. I took the medicine and it did not help even a little bit. I waited another week, and began to pray. “Lord, I need help! Put me in the right place, and fix this!” I decided I would call around and check on chiropractor’s. My heart sank every time I hung up the phone because yet another place did not accept medicaid. Over the last 15 years I’ve been Dx’d with: Multiple Sclerosis, hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, and celiac disease. I’ve run the gamut when it comes to Dr’s. I was relieved and admittedly somewhat skeptical after hanging up the phone with office personnel at Team Chiropractic. They were able to get me in that afternoon. During the first examination I was asked what my pain scale was. Hah! I wanted to respond, there is no number that correlates with how awful my pain is right now! Just shoot me and get it over with! I responded, “10.” After the first adjustment I felt immediate relief to the headache that had been plaguing me. After the third visit something else interesting happened. I have been fighting extreme brain fog for a couple of years now. The neurologist said he could find no reason for it. My endocrinologist after moderating thyroid hormone for almost a year now, said that maybe my primary care should do some further testing to see if there was anything else wrong with me. Anyhow, at the end of the third visit I was standing at the desk preparing to leave, scheduling future appointments. I had the strangest feeling. It was like an air bubble surfacing to my brain. I didn’t say anything to anyone at that point, but I had mental clarity. I didn’t feel as if I was trying to push through a wall of rushing water just to think. This was a surprise, and I hope it lasts.

Another interesting development occurred after my seventh visit. My eye had been twitching now for several months. It was constant, and nearly drove me to distraction. I had mentioned it to my PCP, and she said that I should mention this to my Neurologist at my next visit. He’s the Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Back to the story… A couple days after my seventh visit I realized that my eye had not been twitching. AT ALL! I scratched my head, and thought, “Well Lord, you really did put me in the right place, and it’s true, the ankle bone really is connected to the foot bone.” It seems I had taken for granted just how much my spine was connected to everything in my body.”

Lower Back Pain
“I began Chiropractic Care because I was experiencing lower back pain. I had been experiencing problems off and on for ten years. I could not stand up. I have two children, and so I need to walk up right and not be constantly in pain. I was skeptical to Chiropractic care, because I had heard stories of broken bones. But I also heard stories of how it helped tremendously. I was trying physical therapy; but it never helped me get completely better. Since coming to Team Chiropractic I feel better, and I am much more educated on how to prevent problems. My treatment here has affected by life as it has made me more aware of all aspects of health.”  – Connie S.

Bulging Disk
“I had pain in my neck and shoulder, as well as a bulging disk in my lower back from a car accident. I was experiencing the pain in my shoulder and neck for three years, and the pain in my lower back since the car accident in 1991. The pain in my neck and shoulder would be so bad by evening or after a long drive that I would be in tears. My back was always in pain to some degree. Once I began Chiropractic care at Team Chiropractic my neck and shoulder no longer hurt. My lower back was slowly feeling better. Dr. Crilley suggested orthotics. Since the orthotics, my lower back is much better. I can now work at the computer for hours with out severe pain or swelling in my neck and shoulder. Since the orthotics, I’m able to stay on my feet much longer and enjoy things like outside festivals, flea markets, and bowling again! All the doctors and staff here are so friendly and caring. I do totally believe I’m getting the best chiropractic care possible.”  – Terrie M.

Lower Back Pain Due to Car Accident
“In August 2008, I was experiencing acid reflux which required medication. I knew there had to be a better way of treating my problem. For approximately 10 years I was dealing with my issues. I was T-boned in a car accident about 8 years prior, which worsened my low back pain that was feeling. The pain was almost like a severe muscle spasm occurring in the lower portion of my back. Since coming to Team Chiropractic I have been able to completely remove medication, such as Neurontin, Flexeril, and Nexium. I feel much better balanced when walking and overall better movement. I can concentrate better on my work assignments. And, headaches are VERY RARE! The office at Team Chiropractic is totally professional, with Christ centered care. It is a great way to start the busy day!!! I recommend chiropractic to everyone!”  – Denise N.

Neck Injury 
“Before Chiropractic Care, I had a neck injury that caused me problems for 18 months. The injury totally devastated my life, as it was a suicidal pain that was a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. After coming to Team Chiropractic, there has been a total transformation with has allowed me to regain my full range of motion from where there was almost none. Overall, I now have a better outlook and I am much more positive. I enjoy Team Chiropractic as the office is exceptionally organized.”  – Curt F.

Allergies and Spinal Subluxations
“I began chiropractic care to correct spinal subluxations that could lead to worse conditions in the years to come. Also, I had a desire to help my allergies if they were caused by spinal issues. I had been experiencing the allergy problems for at least 10 years. The allergy problems caused me the most difficulty in my sleep where my sinuses would clog up leading to snoring. After beginning care at Team Chiropractic I did not have a problem with my sinuses closing up at night. I have stopped using Zyrtec which I had been using daily for several years. My wife even tells me my snoring has almost completely gone away.”  – Rick B.

Numbness in Legs and Trouble Sleeping
“I tried chiropractic care at another chiropractor for about 3 months to treat constant sharp pain in my neck and lower back, numbness in my leg while running, and trouble sleeping. I would feel good after the adjustment for a day or so only to have the pain come back just as bad. No progress was ever made. When I changed jobs I decided to try Team Chiropractic with a Groupon. I lucked out choosing them and have improved greatly over the past 6 months. Dr. Dodd and his team are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They take the extra time to make sure you are satisfied with your care and provide informative workshops to help you improve all aspects of your life. My back pain has completely vanished and my neck pain has been greatly reduced as I am getting the natural curvature back in my neck. I am now able to sleep through the night again without waking up in pain. The biggest difference is that they actually take progression x-rays to show you your progress. After seeing my recent x-rays there is no doubt that spinal re-engineering is possible!”  – Bart S.

Loss of Natural Curvature in Neck
“After working 18 years as a dental hygienist along with being in an auto accident, I was told I had lost the natural curvature in my neck. After years of chiropractic care to treat just the symptoms, I found Team Chiropractic. They approached my treatment with the plan to return my spine to it’s optimal position. My x-rays showed 13 mm of forward head positioning. After 5 months at Team Chiropractic, my x-rays showed 12 mm of correction leaving only 1 mm of forward head positioning. My symptoms were alleviated and I experience full range of motion in my neck again. I can not stress enough how Team Chiropractic has changed the quality of my life.”  – Michelle M.

General Health and Wellness
“I am thrilled to have found Dr. Tran. I cannot believe how awesome my entire body feels from my treatments with her. From my neck down to my feet. For the first time in years I’m finally aligned without tension and pain for which I didn’t even realize how severe until I no longer was suffering. I have been treated by chiropractors since I was a teenager. Though I mostly had some success, no one comes close in comparison at all to Dr. Tran. I actually sleep so much better now that I see her on a monthly basis for treatments. I didn’t realize how much I was tossing and not resting at night from lower back pain. She even treats my 81 year old mother. She genuinely cares for her patients. Her kindness is overwhelming. Thank you, Dr. Tran.”  – Delores

“I have had lower back pain since the mid-80’s. By 2006, the arthritis was so bad I had to have surgery to remove spurs. Since then I’ve experienced several issues where I couldn’t get up from the floor without assistance from a chair or other furniture. More recently, I have also developed a nagging pain in my middle back. When this pain is present, there is no position that will relieve it. Over the counter pain relievers have little or no effect. My wife had already been a patient of Dr. Tran and was experiencing progress, so I thought I would give her a try. I have now been a patient for about nine months. My pain is almost gone. Dr. Tran even corrected a problem in my neck that other Chiropractors couldn’t. Because of the progress that I am experiencing and the friendly staff I look forward to my regular visit with Dr. Tran. I would suggest that anyone who is experiencing back pain to make an appointment with Dr. Tran. Dr. Tran is the best chiropractor I’ve experienced in the last 20 years.”  – David D.

Chronic Back Pain and Anxiety
“I have struggled with chronic back pain for years. Chiropractic care has always been essential for my healing. I am an active bodybuilder I put a lot of added stress on my body along with just daily stresses so taking care of my body is even more critical. I have gone to different chiropractors and no one has been able to help relieve my pain like Dr. Tran. She doesn’t just adjust you and send you on your way. She takes the time to evaluate what your body needs. She gives a holistic approach to her chiropractic services. Since I have been seeing Dr. Tran my body is healing and I am able to slowly start enjoying the activities I am passionate about. Dr. Tran has also helped me to manage my anxiety and depression through nutrition and supplements. Before I was on multiple medications, that did not put a dent into the anxiety and depression I was feeling. I highly recommend Life Balance Chiropractic and Wellness for all your chiropractic needs.”  – Julie

Routine Adjustment
“Dr. Tran is the best chiropractor I have seen in 32 years. She is the only person I will allow to adjust my son or myself. I have been getting adjustments my whole life, and she knows exactly what I need to have done to relieve my pain. I lover her and highly recommend her to everyone I know and care about.”  – Kristina

Jaw Pain
“For over 4 years, I have suffered with jaw pain. I had to sleep with a heating pad every night and take 500 mg Tylenol on a regular basis. I have seen a head and neck specialist, as well as had a mouthguard specifically made for me – nothing helped. I used to grind through the over-the-counter mouth guards weekly. The mouthguard that was made for me, I had ruined within the first 3 months. They made me a new one, which also broke (however, this time it was out of warranty). I felt doomed – like this was something I would have to live with forever and accept. Since seeing Dr. Tran, in as little as 2 months, I’m feeling amazing! No more Tylenol. No more heating pad. No more pain while talking and eating.”  – Ashley

General Health and Wellness
“I have been to many chiropractic clinics, and I have found that Dr. Tran is the only doctor to help with the pain that I go through. I drive 60 miles one way to be seen by her. I would drive 100. Would recommend her to anyone. A very satisfied customer.”  – Clayton

Chronic Pain and Assistance with Daily Routine
“I came to see Dr. Tran due to frustration with Western medicine over the last 12 years. I have had some major accidents that have disabled me forcing me to rely on a crutch to walk and left me in chronic pain. After going off of narcotics from the advice of my neurologist and trying many different medications, I went to see Dr. Tran. In the past month that I have seen Dr. Tran, I have been able to reduce the pain meds that I’m on. With the combination of adjustments, Russian stimulation, and a new exercise program, I’m now able to walk up a half flight of stairs without using the rail for assistance, walk short distances without using my crutch, and not have to wear my AFO (ankle foot orthosis). I’m now hopeful that I’ll be able to be crutch free. I have better posture from the adjustments, less back & body pain. Overall, I have better function of my legs and body. For the first time in twelve years, I am hopeful in being able to be crutch free.”  – Dave

“Having seen Dr. Tran for now over 2 months, I feel fabulous. I am 25 and have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have seen many different doctors and specialists in the past. They’ve recommended a variety of different birth controls to control my hormones since I was 13 years old, as well as a laparoscopy in 2012. Even after the surgery, I was still in extreme pain. Nothing helped until coming to Dr. Tran. Now, I have started a regular period and no longer experience debilitating pain. I was previously given Percocet for my pain during my period. I also was no longer having sex while in my relationship of 4 years – now, pain free and enjoyable. I never realized it was possible. I also am now hopeful over the possibility of having children.”  – AJ

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